Preparing Your Investment Property for Winter

June 2022

Preparing Your Investment Property for Winter

June 2022

Preparing Your Investment Property for Winter

By Ellen Blundy | June 2022


Winter is here and it is the time of year we spend mostly indoors by the fire or heater or snuggled on the couch with a cozy blanket escaping the wild weather. With an increase in rainfall, storms, and stronger winds, it is also a time to ensure you are on top of maintenance in and around the home for safety and comfort reasons – in particular, for rental properties.


It is important your rental property is maintained and in ‘good repair’. “Renters are entitled to live in premises where any fixed appliances are safe to use and are maintained in good repair”, says Samuel Jenkin, Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria.

At Peake Real Estate, we believe in the importance of year-round proactive maintenance to our rental properties, and this only becomes more important in winter when the weather can cause more problems.


We also believe great communication with landlords and tenants is key to avoiding these issues. Our tenants are encouraged to report any maintenance ASAP to which our property managers attend to. We use reputable and qualified tradespeople to deal with all maintenance issues.


We have put together a list of Winter-specific maintenance tips to help reduce the risk of damage to your home this Winter and ensure the safety of your tenants:


•             Fix any damage to windows and doors – from cracked windows to gaps and locks.

•             Check that the roof drainage system is in working order and that the downpipes are not blocked or gutters leaking. Rainwater tanks should also be checked for soundness.

•             Ensure smoke alarms are correctly installed and positioned throughout the home and they are tested regularly.

•             Have the roof checked for leaks and other damage like loose sheets or cracked tiles.

•             Overhanging trees and branches should be professionally pruned if they are at risk of falling on your property or power lines, and contact your council if you are concerned about one of the trees on the street

•             Ensure other structures are soundly anchored such as pergolas, fences, and sheds to avoid them taking flight in strong winds

•             Drains should be clear of blockages and free flowing. Ensure water drains away from the property.

•             Make sure fireplaces are in good working order — get the chimney professionally cleaned, ensure the fireplace is properly ventilated and have the structural integrity checked (brickwork, chimney, and flue).

•             Review your insurance policy – your insurance policies adequately cover your needs.


If you need any further advice on how to prepare your investment property for Winter or would like to chat to our friendly Peake team about your property needs, please contact us anytime on 9707 5300.

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