Preparing Your Home For The Holiday Season

November 2023

Preparing Your Home For The Holiday Season

November 2023

By Ellen Blundy | November 2023

Preparing Your Home For The Holiday Season

Preparing your home for the Christmas holiday period in can be a delightful experience enjoyed by the family.


We’ve put together some tips to help get you and your home ready for great times ahead:


  1. Outdoor Entertaining: Set up your outdoor space for gatherings. Consider a BBQ, picnic, or alfresco dining area. Ensure there’s shade and plenty of cold drinks available.


  1. Keep It Cool: Aussie summers can get super-hot, so make sure your home stays cool. Consider using fans, air conditioning, or natural shade to keep the heat at bay.


  1. Christmas Lights: String up some festive lights around your home and garden. LEDs are energy-efficient and safe for outdoor use.


  1. Indoor Decor: Time for the tree to come out of storage – Spruce up your interior with lights and your favourite ornaments.


  1. Entertainment: Create a playlist of your favourite festive songs and have some fun outdoor games or activities for your guests.


  1. Safety First: With the warm weather, stay hydrated and use sun protection. Ensure your home is safe for guests, especially if you have a pool or outdoor activities.


  1. Reduce Waste: Be mindful of waste and opt for eco-friendly decorations and reusable items.


  1. Festive Scents: Use scented candles or essential oils with fresh, summery scents like eucalyptus or citrus.


  1. Plan for Travel: If you’re traveling during the holiday season, ensure your home is secure and well-prepared for your absence.


Remember that Christmas in Australia has a unique charm due to its warm weather and outdoor traditions, so make the most of it by creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere for your family and friends.



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